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Universal Flooring LLC Carpet Photo # 1 Carpet is still the flooring of choice where warmth and comfort are a priority in decorating. Carpet construction varies from loops, cut piles to patterns, which produce different degrees of texture, appearance and durability. Each type of construction is designed to meet the diverse lifestyles of today's families.

The performance and quality of a carpet is directly related to the amount and quality of fiber that goes into the pile. The better the fiber and the denser it is packed, the better the carpet will perform. The most common fibers used in carpet today are nylon, olefin, polyester and natural fibers such as wool or sisal. Nylon is the most widely used carpet fiber. Nylon is incredibly durable and resilient. Nylon carpet fiber is soft yet strong, shows color brilliantly, and cleans well. Nylons are treated with a stain-resist carpet treatment for protection against household spills and stains. Olefin carpet has grown dramatically over the past ten years due to the popularity of Berber style loop carpets. Olefin is extremely resistant to stains, fading, and moisture. Olefin is also notably colorfast because it is solution dyed, which means the color is added during production and not dyed later.

Universal Flooring LLC Carpet Photo # 2 High traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways require durable carpets made of resilient fibers engineered to resist wear abrasion, crushing and matting. Other areas, such as bedrooms and family rooms may have high traffic areas as well. Carpets last longer and perform better when the proper cushion is used underneath. Although carpet cushion is often thought of as an add-on it is an integral part of the carpet system.

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